Discover How You Can Bring in 7 – 10 Web Design Clients Every Month. 🔥

You’re not about to walk into a gimmick, sales pitch or uncover the latest website hack. What you will find is my own internal formula that has been refined and proven to get clients fast – every single month!

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This formula has been developed and made better over many years.  When it is understood and followed, it has the ability to multiple sales and drastically increase your income. So, grab your copy today!

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Here’s Just Some Of What You’ll Find In This Course:

How to avoid the most common mistakes that most freelancers make preventing them from getting new clients on autopilot.

The emotional trigger that grabs a prospect’s attention and drives them to make an order.

List of proven and time tested tactics (rinse and repeat strategies) you can start implementing today.

How to double or even triple your revenue and close deals faster using the sales pack that identifies what your clients want and need, and selling that to them.
Learn how a simple technique makes your sales material more personal and establishes a connection with potential clients.
My step-by-step secret sales process that moves your potential clients along the stages of your funnel and closer to making a purchase.
The specific tactics for making a great first impression and effective client meeting, so you can start making money—fast!
Find great ideas to stay in touch with your past clients – and do it effectively.
…and much, MUCH MORE!

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I wish I was born with the strategies I know today. Instead, it took me 10 years of trial-and-error experiences to develop the strategies I have now 💪

I had to learn everything on the job and of course, there were some costly mistakes along the way – time and money. This course will warn you of those mistakes so you never have to make them yourself.

Once my process was refined and proven to work, I had to write it down into a 80-page guide so others could benefit from it. This took many months of work because I made sure nothing was left out and all the valuable information could be accessed by others.

So, allow me to tell you about the ProvenJet and the way it works.
My system includes seven modules without fluff or any filler. Each module is a step in the direction of a profitable and successful business.

I will hold your hand every step of the way and show you exactly what needs to be done to make your web design business become a reality.

#1 Avoid Mistakes

Identify the things you never knew you were doing wrong and show you how to correct them.

#2 Tactics

Over ten powerful techniques will help you promote your USP and stand out from the crowd.

#3 Report

Effective methods at dealing with different types of leads and how to win more deals.

#4 Sales Funnels

Our secret sales funnel that we use in our own wed design agency to convert leads into paying clients.

#5 Meeting With Clients

How to plan and execute the perfect client meeting which develops into a secured project.

#6 Personalized Videos

Videos make your sales more personal and establishes a connection with a potential client.

#7 BONUS MODULE: Re-engage with clients

Stay in touch with your past clients – and do it effectively. This is important to get repeat business.

Anyone that wants a strategy for building true, long-term web design business, and not a “get-rich-quick” scheme.

My system is made so you can look at your digital business from a new angle, help you see your mistakes, apply successful tactics and devise an effective sales funnels. Not to forget excellent lead generation pack.

All of the knowledge and processes included here are handed over with genuine and honest intentions. It is not a type of money-making bait that you won’t use.
Finding local clients on autopilot is now possible with this tried-and-tested method, which has been refined over many years.

With the ProvenJet system, you’ll get exclusive access to ALL of the secret, risk-free strategies I used to create a successful web design  agency … WITHOUT spending lots of money on startup costs.

14-Day Money Back Guarantee!

And to really make it easy for you to move forward with this, I’m offering an incredible 100% risk-free guarantee.

I guarantee that you’ll love this course, or we will refund your money within 14 days of purchase.

So now – you have no risk, no excuses and nothing to lose. That’s how confident I am that you’ll love it.

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50% off – limited time only! 14-day money back guarantee.


Do NOT Spend Any More Money On Ads Until You Have These Sales-Kit

Those templates were designed and improved over many years to find new clients for website development service. You can adjust those theme for your solution.

#1 BONUS ($147 Value)

The Cold Lead Generation Kit

Those that learn about you and your services for the first time are known as cold leads. You will need to walk these leads through each step of the lead-generation process. At this stage, gaining the potential client’s trust by educating them on how a professional business audit benefits them and highlighting their current shortcomings is crucial. The fundamental idea here is not to sell a service but to make connections with leads, win their trust and establish continual communication. 

#2 BONUS ($147 Value)

The Warm Lead Generation Kit

Despite warm leads being much easier to convert into sealed deals than cold leads, without a proven strategy any type of lead is difficult to make into a paying client. You should not expect to make a deal by jumping straight into a sales pitch. Before a deal can be struck, you need to educate your clients so they know the benefits of your services to their business needs. Adopt this sales-kit and you will increase your reach, your influence, and ultimately your number of sales.

#3 BONUS ($147 Value)

The Qualified Lead Generation Kit

Grow your web design business with an effective and results-driven proposal for your clients. The proposal template is simple but thorough and informative to lay out all of the project’s details, scope, costs, capabilities and more. 

Promoting and selling your solutions means overcoming many types of challenges. Scale your business by choosing a proven and effective proposal.

#4 BONUS ($147 Value)

TheThe Expert Solution Briefcase

This lead magnet is used in meetings with my clients. It includes more valuable information and pairs well with the initial lead magnet. The first lead magnet establishes trust and a relationship with the prospect to secure a meeting. The second lead magnet adds real value and showcases how my vision will benefit the client’s business and make them more sales.

In addition, it summarises our conversation during the meeting and gives me time while I create a proposal. 

$588 of Actionable Value! 🔥

Yours For FREE When You Get the ProvenJet System

Allow me to introduce myself and tell you why I’m that person.

👋 Hi, I’m Ken Kotsinyan, and I’ve been selling products and services online since the early days of “internet marketing”… way back in 2005.

I began my own web design agency back in 2009. In the early years, I really struggled to accomplish two things. One of them was attracting local clients and the other was reducing the amount of time it took to try and find them. This encouraged me to create a system to get clients on autopilot.

I thought to myself there has to be a better way, and it turns out there is!

I started a web design agency to give me more freedom. It was not done to make a gazillion dollars – I do not claim to be able to help you do that and that is not my goal. I wanted to ditch the nine-to-five life and stop having to ask to go on a vacation or spend more time with family. This motivated me to develop a way to source local clients on autopilot, fast!

I am excited to be part of your success, and we can’t wait to see your business thrive with the help of ProvenJet.

Trust me when I tell you that I am also sick of hearing about supposed gurus and their life-changing courses and manuals. They usually make ridiculous promises that will never come true and try to teach things that they just learned themselves without any research or experience. My biggest problem is that I am somewhat associated with these people by teaching others how to develop a successful agency.

So, let me tell you what I do and why it is different from those over-excited and scamming gurus.

💪 This is NOT One Of “Them”

Let me first say that not everyone with a guide or a manual is a fraud. There are some specialists, like myself, that can really provide knowledge that makes a difference. Unfortunately, most of these courses cost over $1000 and most freelancers do not have this sort of money to fund such courses. I know what it means to combine the working process with a salesperson role. You can quickly become burned out from chasing clients and this affects your service standards. This is the reason that ProvenJet was designed – to get clients efficiently.

One of the best benefits of auto-piloting clients to your web design business is that you get more working freedom. With it, you will get to work less, but still get lots of projects. Is this the life you have been dreaming of? It’s the dream for many and it could be yours by reading my processes.

Those that desire a thriving and profitable web design agency – this guide may change your life. 🤯

P.S. In case you are very similar to me and skipped to the end of the letter, here is the deal:

I am providing access to an 80-page course that will tell you how to bring in up to ten new clients every single month.
There is no catch or gimmicks and you will NOT be signing up to trials and subscriptions. In fact, if you decide my guide isn’t for you I will offer a refund.

All that is left for you to do is click the button and enjoy instant access to techniques that have been developed over several years. It’s a win-win situation!

It allows me to spread my message and help people whose shoes I have walked in. $99 is nothing if I can change another person’s life.

I know that sharing my knowledge with you may get you interested in other products, such as other courses and my web design team.

I’m a real show-off and I want the world to see my invention. I’m also sick of those lying scammers who promise everything, so I want to provide a real strategy that works. I hope my honest take is a breath of fresh air – and hopefully that it makes me cool!

Change Your Business Today

14-day money back guarantee

Make the changes and start NOW by clicking the payment button and have immediate and uninterrupted access to the ProvenJet.

Try it and see why it has changed the way I work and the freedom I have. With it, you can also build a successful agency.

All that I ask is that you give it a try and pay attention to years of findings and refined processes. Once you have made these changes send me an email and let me know how it changed your professional life. I get endless joy from hearing how my strategies have changed lives for the better. It is incredibly rewarding.

Thanks for your time reading my excited words. I can’t wait to tell you about my bulletproof system and help you own the web design business you always dreamed about.

Ken Kotsinyan


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